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  • bloodvale - Sunday 9 September 2018 04:31
    Left-right. Spoken of from Auntie Rena's perspective.
    Turners of left.
    Crawfords on right.
    Friends all over the place.

    Terry's cousin holding child, Uncle Will, Uncle Albert, Auntie Bella, - (Draude), Janice, Eddie (Bella's Husband), Maureen, Ron (Tall Fella - Terry's cousin's brother), Terry's Mother, -, Eric (Terry's Brother), kid (?), Harald (popping his head up), Terry, -, Rena, Tony (cousin), Mini, Mum, Jim (Mini's Husband), Auntie Pen, Uncle David (behind Auntie Pen), Auntie Bessie, Davina (girls), Marleen, Ian, Betty Houghton (Harry's wife), Uncle Bernhard with Carole (in front of Betty) Mrs Turnball, Mrs Gunther (hat), Uncle Donald, -, Auntie Betsy
  • bloodvale - Sunday 9 September 2018 03:16
    Taken at Mollymook, NSW at ~1997
    Left-right => Auntie Rena, Great Auntie Minni, Auntie Davina